Wilson Customer Testimonials

"After spending a lot of time and some money, I decided to replace my 12 year old antenna with another Wilson 1000 antenna. The results were more than I expected. Excellent reception, flat SWRs, and everything I had been battling to correct went away. Wilson 1000 is the best mobile antenna money can buy as far as I am concerned."

"The Wilson 1000 worked absolutely perfect for me. I am able to talk farther with this antenna and it is one of the best out there!"

"This antenna by far is the best. Wilson is the best CB antenna to purchase. Love it! I would recommend this product to my buddies with CB."

"Awesome antenna! Best reception I've ever had. Also easy to install and later disassemble for security considerations. Easy to tune for SWR."

"Perfect antenna. No problems. Very satisfied. Met all of my expectations as usual. Been purchasing Wilson antennas for 15+ years."

"Performance is top notch."

"For CB antennas Wilson is one of the best brands. I can pick up signals and transmit for miles with even their entry-level "Little Wil". This is one of the best antennas for a car, since it's not that tall and the magnetic mount works flawlessly even at high speeds."

"The Little Wil is one of the BEST mobile antennas out there! It gets transmissions from at least 10 miles away and sometimes more! and that is without me tuning it! The magnet is great and hasn't popped off yet (gotten up to 85) and the 18 foot coax cable doesn't hurt, especially when mounting on an SUV or Pick-up!"

"This antenna's magnet is no joke, even at over 150mph, it stays firm and planted. After CB tuning, the antenna was about an inch shorter, but the quality is much better than some much more expensive antennas. I recommend it!"

"I mounted this antenna on top of the cab of the truck. It looks and works great. Stays attached and does not move while going down the road at 70 mph. I checked the swrs and they were good without any tuning or cutting of the whip."

"In a world where you never seem to get what you pay for, this antenna delivers the goods."


  Wilson CB Antenna


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